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DevDuo made of Raio and SirMiloMilo.


Guide rescue ships to the space station through asteroids and debris, take on board the survivors and escape through an intergalactic portal.

Oh, BTW, there's a giant black hole nearby that is going to annihilate every life form on the space station, so hurry up, you don't have much time!

P.S. rescue ships are very fragile, they will insta-explode when touching something, so just keep them away from anything that is not a dock or a portal.

To draw a path put your hand (little sphere) on a rescue ship, press trigger and move the hand.



Tested on Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S. 

Should work on Quest with Oculus Link.

Could work on Vive and Index.

External content

  • SFX & Music from weloveindies
  • Gargantua black-hole based on the one by brunogbrito.
  • Explosion based on Explosions Builder
  • Humanoid mesh based on one in Polygon prototype
  • Humanoid anims from Mixamo
  • Skysphere from StarSphere

Gameplay footage

Install instructions

Unzip and run "RunningOutOfSpace.exe"


DevDuo_RunningOutOfSpaceTime.zip 132 MB


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Great game. Love the graphics of the people.

Still trying to save them all...

Thanks for sharing.

Dude. Apk?

Sorry just .exe because I only have a Rift S. (if you have a Quest maybe you can play it using oculus link)